Sports Team Healthy Kids Pledge

To complement the Powered by Water theme, Healthy Kids Ajax is implementing an initiative titled SPORTS TEAM HEALTHY KIDS Pledge. This pledge is directed towards children 12 years and under, who are engaged in non-competitive (i.e. house-league) sports, such as basketball, volleyball, dance, soccer and more.

As coaches and mentors to the children of these sports teams, we invite you to participate in the SPORTS TEAM HEALTHY KIDS Pledge!

By registering your team, you and your team will commit to make healthier choices during the season. These include:

  • Choosing tap water in a reusable bottle instead of sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Bringing healthier (no sugar added) snacks for practice and game, break times

These small changes will help kids to develop healthy habits and ultimately promote better health as they grow!

The first 50 teams to commit to this pledge and register will receive:

  • Large water cooler
  • Additional Healthy Kids swag!

Together, let’s make our Ajax children the healthiest generation!

Coaches can contact Kevin Smith to register.

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